Features: Areas of Use

General business risks

Risk Registrar comes with information and advice on many of the common risks facing businesses today. This information can be a great help to the business manager as they apply the risk management process to their own organisation. Rather than starting with a blank risk register, the software will prompt you to consider how these common risks may impact on your business.

Charities and the voluntary sector

The trustees of a charity have a duty to identify the significant risks to their organisation and to ensure these risks are managed. Risk Registrar comes with information about the typical risks that a charity might face. The software will help you to get your risk management process up and running quickly.


Anybody who organises an event will be aware that there are many potential pitfalls. Rather than just worrying about what might go wrong, Risk Registrar can help you to manage your risks.

Health and Safety

Safety in the workplace must be a priority for any organisation. Companies have a duty to be risk aware. Following a step-by-step risk management process is good practice.

Project risks

It has become widely recognised that risk management is an essential part of project management. Risk Registrar helps the project manager to identify the threats to the success of their project and to take action to tackle those threats.